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What is Grace?

          Grace is undeserved favor in the eyes of God; it is ...

...God's love for me in action.
...when God gives me what I need, not what I deserve
...anything that I desperately need, but don't deserve and could never repay, but God gives it to me anyway.
...the face and role of compassion that God puts on when He looks at my failures, my faults, and my mistakes as a human being.

...God's  Riches  AChrist's  Expense

What is the difference between Grace and Mercy?

Mercy is when God doesn't give you what you deserve.
Grace is when God does give me what I don't deserve!
What must a person do to receive God's Grace?
A person can receive God's Grace through recognizing
the following spiritual realities (click below):
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How does Grace change everything?
  • Saved by grace...           (Ephesians 2:8-9) 
  • Forgiven by grace...       (Isaiah 43:25) 
  • Sustained by grace...     (Philipians 2:13) 
  • Healed by grace...          (Psalm 103:2-3) 
  • Liberated by grace...      (Matthew 11:28) 
  • Gifted by grace...            (Romans 12:6) 
  • Used by grace...             (Ephesians 3:7) 
  • Kept by grace...              (Jude 1:24) 
  • Matured by grace...        (2 Peter 3:18)
  • Transformed by grace... (Romans 12:2)
  • What happens if we lack Grace?
    A life without Grace is a life without God's plan of salvation and blessing. God's highest created being, Satan, decided to go his own way, fell from Grace and brought evil into the world. For every human being  the choice is the same: when we fail to acknowledge God's love for us in Christ and choose to go our own way, the same can happen.   
     Why are Christian values important?
    Christian values reflect God's plan of salvation and Grace for every human being in any country or walk of life. Eternal life and grace in God's kingdom is impossible for anyone without Christ at the center. 
    What is MOVIEGUIDE?
    MOVIEGUIDE is the monthly publication of the Christian Film and Television Commission dedicated to the advancement of Christian values.